Richard Berberian

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Elysé Jewelers

95 Main Street, Reading


At Elysé Jewelers in Reading, every custom client is taken through the same detailed, methodical process, regardless of their budget. Owner Richard Berberian works with each customer himself, considering both their needs and their physical appearance in order to create a design that is both practical and flattering. He often begins sketching his ideas while sitting with the client.

An in-house staff of computer designers, metal casters, stone setters, and polishers turns the initial concept into a finished piece.

Berberian considers the jewelry he makes to be pieces of art. He takes pride in his long family history in the craft—he is the seventh generation to work in the business.

“For me, to be able to carry on the reestablishment of the family’s work and history in America is part of what drives me,” he says. “I’m really proud of that, and the historical significance of the work I do.”

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