Custom Design

Who wants to wear

jewelry that looks the

same as everyone else


Custom-made jewelry from Elyse are pieces that represent each person’s unique character, personality and sense of style. Contrary to some expectations, our custom pieces do not cost more – and often cost less – than those found at most retail jewelry stores or online. Why? You aren’t paying for national advertising campaigns, high retail overhead, or mark-ups from gem dealers and other middle men. We control every stage of the process – from sourcing materials, to design and fabrication – and you are the beneficiary of the savings from this. And our quality is always better!

Working with Richard

The process begins with an initial consultation, in person when possible, or via online appointment using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Richard will discuss all of the vital criteria with you to create the perfect piece and a new family heirloom!

 He will share pictures, sketches of design concepts, discuss gem choices, metal options, colors and stylistic techniques. A person’s features always come into play as well. Subtleties of one’s sense of style, their lifestyle, skin tone, eye color and  unique physical features come into play. These are all a part of what sets Richard’s work apart from others and what “off-the-shelf” jewelry can’t provide.

How it Works

The 7 Stages of Creating Custom Jewelry at Elyse


Original Concepts and CAD Design

Growing a Wax model of the piece


Gemological work

Hand-selecting and matching every gem that will be used


Metal Casting from the Wax model

Hand-setting the Diamonds and Gemstones


Finishing and Polishing the piece into a work of art


Documentation, Appraisal and Photography

Book an Appointment

Book a personalized appointment to meet with Richard and our team.

At Elyse, we want you to have the perfect Wedding Day, rain or shine! Purchase your Engagement & Wedding Rings from Elyse and if it rains on your special day*, we will refund your full purchase price for the rings, up to $25,000.00 (Sales Tax and Shipping not included)!

*General Rules & Guidelines

Following are the major rules and guidelines for participation in the promotion.

1. You must purchase a minimum of 3 Rings from Elyse Jewelers to participate; an Engagement Ring and two Wedding Bands.  

2. The Wedding must take place within 18 months of the purchase of the your first Ring from Elyse to qualify.

3. Minimum Spend: There is a total minimum spend of $8,000.00 between the three Rings to participate.

4. Designated Rainfall Period: Rainfall must take place within a 6-hour period that you will designate as follows; For afternoon weddings, this is 12PM to 6PM; for evening weddings this is 6PM-12AM.

5. Minimum Rainfall and Documentation: To “win”, there must be a minimum rainfall/precipitation of ½” during the designated wedding period. Get married anywhere in the world you would like. Confirmation of rainfall/precipitation and amounts during the designated time on your Wedding Day will be validated as reported by the National Weather Service at Boston Logan International Airport.

6. Sales Tax and any shipping charges paid will not be reimbursed.

7. Registration of Wedding Date: To participate, you must complete the required forms at Elyse Jewelers to register your Wedding Date and selected time period with us. This date must be registered with us a minimum of 90 days prior to your Wedding. 

8. Visit our store for complete Rules and legal disclosures.